Installing software to extend the DVBViewer TE 2 for 3D television. I need download and install "3D Installer Pack" also for DVBViewerPro anaglyph glasses (red-cyan). - 3D TV channel available. - TechniSat hardware installed. - DVBViewer TE2 installed. 2) Download and execute the 3D pack. DVBViewer TE2 3D Pack - Installation Guide - 1) Requirements for using the DVBViewer 2) Download and execute the 3D pack installer.

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Chapter 2: Prevent Screen saver: Syed Zakir. You will nd the channels found within the root you specied after the channel scan is completed. The channel will be added to the bottom of the favourite list. The Channels tab of the channel list is arranged like a directory tree.

DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC. With a proper DVB card you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high. Download DVBViewer TE2 for all Windows Versions. We do not have a download link yet, but you can find it using Google. 0 users have removed DVBViewer TE2 from their Packs. Pack it! Creating software Packs is a convenient way to. Download DVBViewer free. DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC.

WinXP Ease of use: Fantastic application, too bad the author insists on not supporting madVR. Review by Greathelp on Nov 23, Version: Windows 8 bit Ease of use: Review by meshal on Mar 9, Version: Windows 7 bit Ease of use: It may be disabled when installing or after installation.

Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. No installation is required. It works on bit and bit Windows. It works only on bit Windows. It works on bit and bit Mac OS. It works only on bit Mac OS. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don't want!

It may not contain the latest versions. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. Rating Rating from Latest tool updates. WavePad 9. HBBatchBeast 2. FFmpeg Batch Converte LosslessCut 2.

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How to capture anything with Obs Studio. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid How to record anything on your screen using th It is possible to resume the time shift during the recording with only one TechniSat DVB card installed if these two channels are located on the same transponder.

Channel list If you want to choose a TV or radio channel directly, without clicking through the whole channel list you might do this using the channel list of DVBViewer TE2. The Channels tab of the channel list is arranged like a directory tree. Choose your satellite, choose the type of content Video or Audio and select your channel.

For information about editing existing channels or scan for new channels, read chapter 4. Just move your mouse to the right corner of the DVBViewer main window or click the Channel List button located in the tool bar. To switch from the channel list to the favourite list you have to click onto the button within the upper right corner, within channel list.

To switch from the favourite list to the channel list you have to click on the button within the upper right corner, within the favourite list. Users Guide DVBViewer TE2 To add a channel to the favourite list you have to click on the channel you want to add with the right mouse button and select Add to favourites. The channel will be added to the bottom of the favourite list.

You can sort the items of the favourite list by selecting and moving them within the list. To open a channel you have to click on the channel twice. If EPG information is provided by a channel broadcaster in your favourite list the current broadcast and the progress will be displayed.

To remove a channel from the favourite list you have to select the channel, click on the channel with the right mouse button and select Delete.

The removal of a channel from the favourite list will not have any eect to the channel list. If you delete a channel from the channel list this channel will also be removed from the favourite list. For information about adding channels to the channel list or deleting existing channels from the channel list read chapter 4. DVBViewer TE2 is capable to receive that kind of information and oers three methods of presenting that information.

Please ensure the current system date and time is set correctly. EPG onscreen display: Insert the content into the display area. This option is useful if you want to know which program is currently running and which program follows. The SiehFernInfo download dialog is located under: The update process might take between 30 and 45 minutes. This service is limited to German channels only. EPG window: To do this open the context menu by clicking the right mouse button and select the entry Timeline.

For this purpose the Save EPG button opens the save as dialog. Enter the location and the name of the les and press the Save button. The teletext is displayed by using the teletext button of the control bar.

The use of this application is very simple. Enter the page number using your keyboard or remote control. You are also able to access sites by clicking on displayed page numbers with the left mouse button. The teletext subtitle function requires a channel with teletext and at least one subtitle page. If the channel does not provide teletext information this option is unavailable. If the channel does not provide this data the option is unavailable. First the general and enhanced options are introduced:.

Hide the mouse cursor in full screen mode in seconds: This option congures the timeout when the mouse cursor will be hidden in full screen mode.

Prevent Screen saver: If a screensaver is activated in your system this option will not allow it to start during the runtime of the DVBViewer TE2. For your future records you can specify the location where this le will be saved. Time shift: The time shift function of the DVBViewer TE2 will create a temporary le, which may need massive space on your hard disk drive. With this option you can select a location where this le is created so you can ensure you choose a disk with plenty of space. Split les after: If you intend to burn your records to a CD or DVB this option is a convenient way to split the les after the desired size during the recording process.

Here you can specify the time span when the recording process should be started before and after your scheduled event. Network Interface: Here you can change the port you are using for your multcast stream. SiehFernInfo Scan: You start the download process of the service content by pressing the Scan button. Scan Devices: Mode for low Bandwidth USB 1.

If you are using an older USB 1. Stop Stream while tuning: For switching between dierent channels more fasten please use this option. Has CI module: The CAM menu dialog itself is located under: To select the IR receiver type press the Remote button. The remote control selection dialog will pop up.

Preferred Audio Renderer: Select your preferred Audio Renderer. Preferred Video Renderer: Select your preferred Video Renderer. Within this conguration panel it is possible to check if a required decoder is installed or missing. You can also select one specic decoder if more than one decoder is installed on the system. Chapter 3: Necessary setting: Before you record les for the rst time you should ensure there is enough space available for recording DVB content.

For this purpose you need more than 10GB of free hard disk capacity for one hour of recording time. In this case you have to check the Split les checkbox. Record programs manually To start a manual recording press the record button in the tool bar. The recording starts immediately. If you want to stop the recording press the record button again. The recorded le will be saved in the specied directory.

If you change to another channel during a recording the All capable DVB Adapters are busy message appears. If DVBViewer TE2 is not started or the system is not active while passing a scheduled event time the event entry will be discarded without recording. If a recording is scheduled while you are time shifting a TV program the time shift will be cancelled without notice and the recording starts immediately. Add events to recorder manually Using the recorder window of DVBViewer TE2 it is possible to add multiple events to the recording scheduler.

You might take the channel number using the tree view of the channel list located at the left side of the recorder window. Click Add to add the event to the scheduler. If you want to remove an event choose it and click Remove. If you want to edit an existing event choose this event and edit the necessary values.

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After this press Update and the scheduled event will be updated. Select the event you want to record and press the Send to PVR button. This event will be added to the recorder scheduler and automatically recorded on your hard drive.

Here you can select the multimedia le i. There are several ways of returning to TV mode. Choose a channel by using the graphical interface, your keyboard or a remote control.

Installation Guide - DVBViewer TE2 3D Pack

Play les with third party software Almost every media player e. Chapter 4: Click with your right mouse button within the channel list.


A context menu will open where you have to activate Edit mode. Removing and renaming entries from the channel list To remove an existing element from the channel list you have to select it using the tree view of the channel list. Click the right mouse button on it and select Delete from the context menu. If you want to rename an entry in the channel list select this entry and click on it like renaming les and folders in the Microsoft Windows le explorer.

Scan for new channels Add new channels using the Channel Scan. To perform a channel scan you can use the channel scan button within the control bar.

After you have selected the root check the settings required for the LOF and switch frequencies. If you want to update a channel list you have to enable the option Update. Then click the button Scan Range to start the channel scan.

The scan procedure might take several minutes to complete. You will nd the channels found within the root you specied after the channel scan is completed. If you used the update function, non-existent channels will be removed and new channels are added to the specied root. DVB-C Digital broadband cable reception This option is used to search for new channels from a broadband cable reception system.

You must enter the name for the target root and select the transponder list you want to scan. The scan procedure might take several minutes to complete You will nd the channels found within the root you specied after the channel scan is completed. If you used the update function channels will be removed which are no longer existing and new channels where added to the specied root.

DVB-T Digital terrestrial reception This option is used to search for new channels from a digital terrestrial reception system. Chapter 5: Recommended system requirements Supported operating systems: The internal IP network settings should be congured correctly and the wiring and distribution components should be connected correctly. Some switches cannot handle higher bandwidth over a long time period and might break down during operation.

The same is also valid for SoHo broadband routers with integrated switches used for broadband connections.


If you want to use IP multicast transfers in large-scale environments ensure that the switching components are capable of handling multicast transfers and the network routers in this environment are congured to block IP multicast.

Otherwise heavy network problems might occur. Contact your system administrator rst, before starting a multicast stream in your environment. Streaming of one TV channel trough a network Building a network environment for IP streaming The common system requirements are listed below: VideoLAN Client.

The satellite on which the dish is aligned to and the channel, streamed over the LAN, is not important in this example. The connection between both systems will be realised with a crossover network cable for direct connection.

Here you have to congure the necessary options for the IP multicast stream. First you have to choose the IP-address of the network interface. The multicast stream is sent for distribution.

In our example the network interface has the IP The second piece of information, necessary for IP multicast, is the multicast address and the port the stream is located on. If the IP is invalid the eld is red. Multicast IP addresses are dened to the range between If you want to send the stream to all clients in your subnet you have to use the multicast IP The multicast port number can be chosen from the range between 0 and In our example we use the multicast IP