Mondrian is an OLAP (online analytical processing) engine written in Java. It reads from JDBC data sources, aggregates data in a memory cache, and. In this document Hitachi Vantara provides information on open source software packages for Pentaho Schema Workbench Pentaho Enterprise Edition Start getting value out of your data with a 30 day trial The Schema Workbench is a visual design interface that allows you to create.

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Free download page for Project Mondrian's pentaho-workbenchzip. Mondrian is an OLAP (online analytical processing) engine written in Java. stable · Agile BI Plugin · stable · Report Designer · stable · Business Intelligence Server · stable · Schema Workbench. We will also explain what was done to install Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Schema Workbench and Pentaho Report Designer on an.

These metadata queries are translated into SQL every time a report is run so any changes to the database are hidden from the users.


Working with PSW. Web-based Ad Hoc Query and Reporting Pentaho web-based ad hoc query and reporting is a capability that extends Pentaho Reporting to provide end-user self-service for report creation.

Pentaho Schema Workbench - Open Source Software Packages | Hitachi Vantara

How does Ad-Hoc Reporting work? Reports created by users use metadata queries to define the data that user wants to see. What are the tools to be used for Ad-hoc reporting? These schema files are XML metadata models that are created in a specific structure used by the Mondrian engine.

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It does not require that an actual physical cube is built or maintained; only that the metadata model is created. Features of PSW: High performance, interactive analysis of large or small volumes of information Dimensional exploration of data, for example analyzing sales by product line, by region, by time period Parsing the MDX language into Structured Query Language SQL to retrieve answers to dimensional queries High-speed queries through the use of aggregate tables in the RDBMS Advanced calculations using the calculation expressions of the MDX language Saiku Analytics On-Line Analytical Processing OLAP is a category of software technology that enables analysts, managers and executives to gain insight into data through fast, consistent, interactive access to a wide variety of possible views of information that has been transformed from raw data to reflect the real dimensionality of the enterprise as understood by the user.

The intuitive user interface lets users drill down and up, filter, pivot, sort, and chart against OLAP and In-Memory engines. By harnessing the power of Mondrian, Saiku offers scalable in-memory analysis. Large amounts of data can be stored in memory in a distributed manner across the local network, offering greatly improved performance over large data warehouses as the aggregated data is retrieved from the network instead of reading from disk.

Saiku Analytics for pentaho is a web-based Ad-hoc reporting tools. Database Connection.

The connection details are depicted in the following figure. Brand Level Attributes. Product and Class Numbers Attributes. We wanted to use my CiviCRM database as the source for reporting and analytics and a seperate mysql database for the data warehouse.


Obviously if one of them is already up and running you can ignore this, but make sure you have the correct Java version! Now it is time to download the BI-Server.

Install Pentaho Business Analytics Server

You can download it from http: Once it is downloaded, unzip the file:. After you have unzipped it it is time to setup a mysql database for de BI Server and to set the connection for the mysql server.

We have followed the guideline from this blog: Now it is time to configure the BI-server to use those databases.

Make sure the hibernate component will use mysql. Remove or make a comment from the lines below. You can now access pentaho in your browser at http: We did this on Ubuntu Make sure you have the Java Development Kit installed. You should have version 8 installed, you can check this with:. Obviously this could be replaced by newer default versions as time moves on.

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Check http: This link should be in your PDI folder:. We defined two connections:. Make sure you have the Java Development Kit installed which you will have if you have followed all the steps from the PDI installation.


Download the Schema Workbench from http: This link should be in your Schema Workbench folder:.