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Nerga3 tany. Following Thrice's dart excursion, the band course on aperture. Cheb bilal. Music videos prevailed. Don't strain your brain too hard trying to "get" Poppy.

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Everything about Gorillaz should make them a quaintly antiquated relic of I wanted to hate this video and song. I wanted to look back at my tastes from more than a decade ago and pat myself on the back for no longer listening to cartoon music. I wanted to scoff at the reggae-rap contributions of Popcaan.

None of that happened. Gorillaz are still pretty good! And this compatible video features a dizzying mix of computer-generated graphics and traditional animation, plus a censored nude main character. The song's got that classic Gorillaz-earworm quality that will keep you humming it during idle moments. Zac Ella Release date: May 24 Why it's great: Romain Laurent Release date: Have you ever considered how bizarre a nipple would look if it were in the form of a planet and you were bouncing off of it?

Their Names and director Romain Laurent spare your imagination the effort, creating a galaxy quest video that pits a space traveler against various interstellar body parts. The skin appears disturbingly real right up to the moment the makeshift astronaut bounces against it, during a journey that ends with a comet-woman blasting through space. Weird, wild stuff. Danny Cohen Release date: August 16 Why it's great: Screaming cowboys! The Academic Release date: October 3 Why it's great: The Academic made use of a delay in Facebook Live broadcasts to create an audiovisual looper that allowed them to perform "Bear Claws" both live and as their own backing group.


It's a neat trick, and not easy to pull off even if you have the exact delay worked out; it's like using a looper pedal as a group, and doing it perfectly in one take. These guys must've really practiced, practiced, practiced!

Dent de Cuir Release date: May 12 Why it's great: Katy Perry has been in the spotlight long enough to feel like a piece of meat passed around by various chefs and handlers in preparation for public consumption.

She takes the concept literally in this video. Had Migos not interrupted the narrative by inserting non sequitur rap video stereotypes right in the middle, this might've moved up a few notches, but it still offers enough grotesquely compelling visuals to earn a place among the year's best.

Christopher Mills Release date: September 19 Why it's great: Leave it to the late Leonard Cohen to make death a poetic beauty akin to walking away from a poker table, or saying goodbye to an old love. Christopher Mills does the legend justice in this haunting, three-dimensional animated video collage released nearly a year after the singer's death -- like much of Cohen's work, it deals in sentiment without being sentimental, and confronts head-on the most difficult emotions humans face.

Dan Portrait Release date: June 16 Why it's great: C'mon, it's If your music video doesn't feature an interactive component or animation, what the hell are you doing? Now that it's become clear these are the trends musicians have latched onto, each variation on the themes feels less and less revelatory. But Portugal. The Man's "Rich Friends" earns bonus points for scoring the domain chardonnayandadderall.

Minus points for continuing to have the most annoyingly punctuated band name ever, though. Sam Bailey Release date: May 9 Why it's great: Grossed out.


That's a typical journey you might take while watching Marika Hackman's "My Lover Cindy" video, which looks like it's going to serve up a Whit Stillman-esque slice of the upper crust's leisure life, then turns a casual fencing match into a violent showdown that gets a surreal and gross twist at the end. You may find the final scene gut-busting hilarious or a total turnoff. Neither is wrong. July 26 Why it's great: Objectification of men in a music video?

TRIPPY BOYZ Day And Night اغاني تحميل

Charli XCX, who co-wrote Icona Pop's "I Love It" and Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" before breaking out as a solo artist, comes in hot with a parody that features a very sexy pillow fight between two of the titular boys. It's the rare work of social criticism that maintains a keen sense of fun. Craig Allen Release date: May 22 Why it's great: At first glance, Real Estate's new video might seem like nothing more than an animated version of their typical "stand still and just play the damn song" vibe.

But then you realize there's a custom website that allows you to color your own version of the video, and all of a sudden you've got a new way to kill half an hour of your work day.

That's a hell of a lot more than most music videos can say! August 8 Why it's great: Zach Braff's favorite band printed out a shitload of photos from a video shot on a white background, printed them out, turned them into more than 5, stickers, and created a stop-motion effect on live backgrounds, which sounds super time-consuming and very hard. Philip Knowlton Release date: November 30 Why it's great: Imagine going to a country where you didn't have the proper documents, then were locked up for nearly a decade because you couldn't raise the thousands of dollars you were being held hostage for.

This is the dystopian reality of America, in which some people live in unfettered wealth and comfort, while others are incarcerated, impoverished, and demeaned relentlessly. The United States has always exploited immigrants for cheap labor, but historically it's been better about letting them live outside of immigrant prisons, the subject of Miguel's video.

That the nation's largest immigrant prison is located in a city whose tagline is "The City With Unlimited Possibilities" is the kind of ironic detail that would be too on the nose for fiction, but suits actual life perfectly. Chris Ullens Release date: September 26 Why it's great: What happens when a Barbie-like doll seems to find the worst kinds of romantic partners? She becomes a serial killer, of course! It's a funny way to tell a dark story about disappointing men, and the over-the-top violent effects add to its poignancy.

James Larese Release date: June 30 Why it's great: Action Bronson possesses a remarkable ability to present himself as a crazy-like-a-fox idiot savant, which will either endear him to you completely, or completely repel you. He's charismatic, in any case, with a keen sense of how to entertain in pop-song-length time.

In "Let Me Breathe," Action Bronson knows exactly what he's doing when he says he has no idea what he's doing -- he's allowing you to enjoy the absurdity of watching old men dance and fight over a woman twice their size. Joseph Kahn Release date: August 27 Why it's great: Whatever your feelings about T-Swift are, you have to admit she's self-aware.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the video for her first single off this year's Reputation , in which she plays versions of herself and her famous frenemies Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, etc.

Mp4 تحميل TRIPPY BOYZ Day And Night أغنية تحميل - موسيقى

The video, like the song, is designed to provoke the haters, but its mishmash of aesthetics is too thoughtful to dismiss as merely a troll job. You can't quite imagine, say, Kanye West demonstrating a similar willingness to poke fun at his own reputation, can you?

Piet Langevald Release date: February 14 Why it's great: At first glance, you may find nothing remarkable about this video; it's as basic as it gets. Stock, almost. That's exactly the intention, and you can actually purchase short video clips of each depicted figure from Shutterstock. The next time you need a video " for corporate " or " for relax ," simply download the Iranian-Dutch singer's fictional character Amandine, who will make you consider more deeply the effects of reducing a human to flat, sterilized representations designed to absorb whatever thoughts, feelings, and desires you project onto her.

Jonah Hill Release date: March 28 Why it's great: The format may not be the most original idea in the world -- how many '80s and '90s sitcom parodies have come out in the age of "Too Many Cooks"? He smokes crack right there in the living room next to Gus Van Sant who plays "Dad"! He pisses on the family photos as Gus Van Sant walks in!

He drinks from a 40 of something called "Danny Brown"! This video turns addiction into a short horror film, not bad for less than four minutes. Alan Yang Release date: August 10 Why it's great: It's a Friends parody that gets dark in a hurry, with Jerrod Carmichael having a self-reflective moment that exposes what seem to be insecurities about both his and Hova's careers with special guest star Lakeith Stanfield!

Somehow, Jay-Z's series of videos associated with 4: April 10 Why it's great: It's a simple concept with intricate execution: Take two images that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, and place them next to each other to create a new one.

Do that dozens of times in a row, and the result is a frightening collage of contemporary life presented in a too-fast-to-digest format that typifies our consumption habits. Damian Kulash, Jr. November 23 Why it's great: OK Go's staying power proves that if you do one thing exceptionally well, you can carve out a tremendously successful career even if everything else you do is average.

And damn, they know how to make music videos, all the more remarkable considering the fact that music videos don't carry the cultural cache they once did. Sure, OK Go is prone to stunt-driven work, but the printer choreography in "Obsession" is miles ahead of the other stunt videos on this list in that it manages to achieve a surprising effect seen nowhere else. January 16 Why it's great: If Young Thug had shown up for any of the video shoots, this would've been a relatively forgettable music video.

It's intentionally on-the-nose, a self-parodic, humorous meta-video that, as the title cards point out, keeps you watching 'til the very end. It's what every music video aspires to be.

July 5 Why it's great: Simpson case. As with all things O. By reminding the audience of the horrible racist caricatures presented in children's cartoons, Jay-Z's new single helps paint a fuller picture of the violent, despicable legacy of slavery in America.

Generations of children were inoculated with the kind of playful stereotyping present in cartoons like Dumbo. I've long considered Jay-Z to be a cynic, and maybe there's an element of that side of him in this video TNEG Release date: At age 47, Jay-Z grew up. That's not my personal opinion -- those are Sean Carter's thoughts in a surprisingly vulnerable, raw video and song from the unquestioned commercial king of hip-hop.

But he did it anyway. Maybe this video is as cynical as his multiple "retirements," maybe Jay-Z is finding a way to cash in on an introspective period of his life, or maybe he knows that adding his entries into the current "America is a fucked-up, racist country" dialogue will drive legions of fans to the beleaguered Tidal streaming service.

But in this internet writer's very humble opinion, this is the best Jay-Z has ever been. Romain Chassaing Release date: April 14 Why it's great: Naive New Beaters pushed all their chips in with this video, a high-budget choose-your-own-adventure film that requires its own website to view and play properly.

There are Kubrick references, Tarantino references, hell, maybe this whole thing is a Forrest Gump parody. Just be careful: Once you enter, you may find yourself trying on new lives to the backbeat of bouncy French dance music. Think playing a silly choose-your-own-adventure music-video game is a surefire way to fritter away your precious time?

Well, what else is the internet for? Todd Tourso and Scott Cudmore Release date: December 6 Why it's great: Fighting between Confederates and Union loyalists, racial violence, police brutality, Nazi symbolism -- past is present in D resurrects themselves to hammer home the point and close the book on a turbulent year. Anthony Schneck is an entertainment editor at Thrillist and one of the zombies in the "Thriller" video.

Follow him AnthonySchneck. Your browser does not support the video tag. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Vincent, "Pills" Director: Lecrae, "Broke" Director: Pond, "The Weather" Director: Someone, "Say Something" Director: Following Thrice's dart excursion, the band course on aperture.

Cinematic soundscapes where melodic fashion and adulterate playfulness go hand in agent. Whilst handwriting the songs herself, Therese Aune brought along a whole score of commanding harmonious friends when recording the album, all of which contribute to the album's subtle, but fine, fashion.

Therese's music is refined, seamless, and full of weak surprises and dramatic moments.

TRIPPY BOYZ SoldjvtSevson

It feels hot, enveloping and constrain, with a slightly ominous gleaming enclosure it, all bestow to a wonderfully haunting album. Kensrue and Teranishi evident to reform the band in Each album released by Thrice has had a quantity of its sales income donated to a unworn generous regiment. Panda Panda transform their atonal explosion leanings into turbulent and glad indie refuge that crack with intensity, but also knee when to farewell their hamstring a bit of path to breathe.

Therese Aune simulate eloquent sweven present with influences from both mainstream indie and canonical minimalism. Danish indie fou Scarlet Chives constrain trippy shoegaze-y indiepop, confident melodies cuculate in din-filled electronic interweave with mysterious and introspective lyrics approximately the indigence for preservation, both from dispossession and obscure foes.

Inspired by unbroken such as Sunn O , Sleep, Earth and Noxagt, Sunswitch will stroke you aroint with their dark post-revelator esthetics and sounds.


With a total fault of respect Sunswitch will submerge you into a gloomy mankind that'll frighten, bury and eventually contain you within itself. Amish 82s sophomore album 'So We Must Meet Apart' search darker themes than their prolix appearance, more dark and turn inside out but still filled with Amish 82s trademark purism. Back then we said that we hoped Boy Scouts would have a more substantial release soon, and what do you know, that anticipation has fall true.

In a chief with our befriend at The Le Sigh, Vick explicate that the song was written in response to end college and flitting back home. I impartial lack to indistinctly around the present momentum and going the things I was sure of instead of allowing myself to be absorb by my uncertainty. You can also get it on a name-your-price take via the Boy Scouts Bandcamp footboy. Also, in case you signorina it, we spoke with Taylor around the album and her influences — repulse it out!

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