A cartoon character starring in console games isn't that amazing, but the star of Infograme's latest game just might be a surprise. He doesn't bring the kind of. Taz: Wanted Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Taz: Wanted is an action-adventure video game released in Download Taz Wanted ROM for GameCube and Play Taz Wanted Video Game on your Taxi 3 Le Jeu · Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Battle Nexus - Disc #1 .

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Uploaded by StormThunderLea Report. You will need to login to your EP account it's free to submit tags and other game information. Gold Edition After fighting a losing battle with the raging sea, a brave people find themselves stranded on an apparently uninhabited island, their ship destroyed. Interactive Entertainment , Hasbro Interactive. September 17, Genres: Show comments.

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The control is typical for a game of this genre including troubled camera angles. The biggest frustration is being caught by your enemies since you often have little chance to escape.

For instance an alligator will smack you around a bit and then smack you some more before you can get away.

The Taz catchers are just nuts ' if they see you at all then you'll probably get caught no matter how fast you move which is excessively frustrating. You can get beat up, drowned, or caught over and over again since you have no lives to lose, but you can lose hard-earned cash and time.


The multiplayer aspect seems as if it were added just so they could say it's a multiplayer game. It consists of a few mini two-player games that have horrible control and use some sort of fish-eye lens perspective.

They just aren't fun. I didn't get much of a sense of depth with the graphics and some of the art seemed a bit fuzzy.

Taz wanted game pc télécharger torrent

There is a very nice usage of bright colors that stays true to the cartoons. The sounds are fine but the repeating music became annoying quickly. You've played one 3D-platform game, you've played 'em all, right Taz: Wanted helps reinforce this statement.

If you're really into Taz, Looney Tunes , or 3D-platform games then you should check out this game but otherwise it's nothing worth jumping up and down about.

One trend in the gaming industry is to develop games starring our favorite cartoon or comic characters.


Taz definitely has enough chutzpah, but does he have enough appeal to succeed as the star of his own game? Taz Wanted 's premise is simple enough. To ensure the success of his plans, he incarcerates Taz in the San Francisco Zoo and kidnaps or is that Taz-naps? Taz's true love.

Your job as Taz is to break out, avoid capture, dish out as much destruction as possible in the 15 immersive levels that span 4 huge worlds, and rescue your beloved She Devil. The longer I played, the more absorbed I became. It plays like a platform game, but the architecture of the worlds is wide open, giving a very non-linear experience.


If you get frustrated with a level you can leave it altogether and try one of the other two levels in that world. Although the primary goal in each level is to destroy the 7 wanted posters, you also earn points and bonus games by completing other task such as: Destroying objects primarily consist of eating them, spinning into them this effect is reproduced faithfully to the cartoon , or spitting other objects at them.

One of the bonus games you unlock for completing the first world is elephant pong.

Taz Wanted

Definitely, a new take on an old game! The wonder of cell shading graphics authentically brings to life the Looney Toon world that Taz lives in. If you have a soft spot for Taz, like the idea of immersing yourself in a cartoon world, breaking things, or if you are looking for a kid-friendly game for your Xbox then this game is for you, however, everyone should give it a quick rent first.

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Taz Wanted PC Free Download

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Taz wanted game pc télécharger torrent

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